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Social Responsibility
Following is our corporate sustainability strategy in the areas of Environmental Impact and Social Wellbeing – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This strategy applies to the Company which includes Chandra Group and all of its subsidiaries.
Link between Sustainability and CSR
Chandra Group recognizes and appreciates the link between Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Interlinked within the three major common goals of Social Wellbeing, Environmental Protection and Economic Prosperity are the equally important, and mutually supportive goals of Health and Safety, Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainable Development and Community Investment. Chandra believes none of these goals is exclusive of the other, in fact, their mutual well-being is mandatory for true corporate success and sustainability.
» Communities prefer companies that create jobs and incomes, and contribute to the economic and social cohesion that builds the neighborhoods where people want to live and work.
» Employees prefer to work for companies that provide a healthy and safe environment, and whose values align with theirs.
» Customers prefer to buy from companies that share their values.
» It is also, simply, the right thing to do.
CSR within Chandra Group
Chandra strongly emphasizes inclusion of real, measurable and sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility considerations in all business ventures and decisions. Issues include (but are not limited to) :
» The safety of our people, contractors and customers.
» The health and well-being of our people.
» The environment of our workplaces and our communities.
» The quality of life of our people, their families and the communities we operate and live in.
» The diversity of our workforce – free from discrimination and harassment.
» Actively seeking opportunities to make real contributions to all of these and more.
Sustainability Strategies and Tactics
As part of its sustainability strategy, Chandra reviews the impacts of its ventures 100 percent for environmental and health impacts.
We have made a strong tactical focus in our carbon management program as well as in health and environmental issues such as water and waste management, sustainable agricultural projects, housing and solid waste control.
Chandra Group is certified in both ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System, and OHSAS 18001– Occupational Health & Safety Management System. Within the purview of these management systems we are focusing on four key areas :
» People
» Premises
» Promotion
» Purchasing
Our People Objective
Chandra Group truly believes that people are our most important resource and so their satisfaction is recognized as a key component in our business success. We shall increase our company’s competitiveness by :
» Developing the competence of all of our staff.
» Enabling the staff to play an active role in their communities.
» Employing a diverse workforce.

Promoting the health and well-being of employees and contractors.To achieve this, we focus on the tactics of.

» Staff training, career development, motivation and retention
» Developing teamwork
» Encouraging flexible working/work-life balance
» Assuring responsible recruitment/equal opportunities
» Providing healthy workplaces
» Appreciating and facilitating community involvement
Our Premises Objective
It makes sound business sense to try to reduce the negative environmental impacts of our business. This involves:
» Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy use, transporting and manufacturing processes.
» Using energy and raw materials more efficiently.
» Reusing/recycling products and waste wherever possible.
» Setting achievable and measurable targets to manage our environmental impact as identified.
To achieve this, we focus on the goals of
» Becoming carbon neutral
» Continually reviewing internal environmental impacts
» Likewise, continually reviewing external and neighborhood environmental impacts
» Requiring firm employee and business transportation policies
» Scrutinizing energy usage
» Recycling
» Providing disability access
Our Promotion Objective
By communicating our CSR activities to a wider audience, we intend to inspire others to do the same; leading to a much bigger impact than even our own best practices can achieve. Transparency also makes us more accountable to those who care the most. This involves:
» Making sure that our staff knows about what we are doing and is able to talk about it.
» Generating positive publicity through local, regional and national media.
» Telling our customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders what we are doing and why.
» Entering ourselves into relevant recognition platforms.
To achieve this we :
» Involve our staff in goals and objectives
» Set and review standards
» Responsibly advertise
» Create positive PR and publicity
» Publicize awards and recognitions
» Introduce product and service innovations
» Access new markets
Our Purchasing Objective
Responsible purchasing means operating to the highest standard of business integrity as well as with consideration to source, environment and sustainability. This includes :
» Encouraging and supporting existing suppliers to be responsible.
» Choosing responsible new suppliers and treating them fairly and with respect.
» Paying suppliers on time.
» Locally sourcing products or services where practical.
» Auditing and certifying suppliers to high standards.
In doing this we :
» Acquire fairly-traded products
» Set and adhere to supplier criteria
» Recognize responsible supply, including to other associates
» Follow up and monitor status on a regular, planned basis


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