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Bare & Tinned Bus Bars
Oxygen free Tin Plated Copper Bus Bar helps upgrade design and provide the best Quality for switch gears, switch boards, electrical panels, power transformers and busducts. Tin plated copper bus bar is preferred over other bus bars mainly because of its numerous improved properties.
Copper with Tin Plating
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Tin is a soft white metal which can readily be polished, scratch brushed or flow melted to give a bright finish. It is non-toxic and is not greatly affected by the organic acids. Tin is one of the least susceptible metals to corrosion attack. Sulphur compounds can not very easily tarnish tin. It is neither attacked by air nor water. Tin - Plated copper bus bars protect against atmospheric corrosion and hence provide longer life under adverse atmospheric conditions.
Tin coating is applied to contact surfaces to prevent or delay oxidation when operating at elevated temperatures. CHANDRA produces and supplies high quality tin-plated copper bus bars that result in improvement in efficiency by increasing joining surface and reducing resistance of the joint.


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