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Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTC)
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Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTC) consists of a number of enameled rectangular wires (5-95 strands) made into an assembly.

Each strand is transposed in turn to each position in the cable and is then covered with layers of insulation paper. Transposition effectively eliminates inductance issues in the Cable. Continuously Transposed Conductors are used in winding for medium to ultra high power transformers.
CTC is manufactured by OFHC copper, and on specific customer request can also be made from ETP copper.
Apart from normal CTC which has insulation of paper, we are able to supply polyester net/ roped CTC which has been designed to reduce production cost, oil pocket and to improve cooling efficiency.
Hardened type CTC (CPR1, CPR2and CPR3: BS1432) and Self-bonding CTC which can be used to improve mechanical and electrical strength are also available.
Types of CTC
» Normal CTC (Soft Copper).
» Normal CTC (Soft Copper)
» Work hardened Epoxy Bond Coated CTC
» Ventilated CTC
» CTC with net wrapping /polyester taped.
CPR-1 140-170 150-185 approx Pure OF Grade
CPR-2 170-220 185-240 approx Pure OF Grade
CPR-3 220-260 240-280 approx Silver Bearing Copper
Advantages of Using CTC
» Reduction in winding time for transformer
» Reduction in size and therefore cost of transformer
» Reduction in electrical losses
» Improved winding ability and ease of handling
» Improved mechanical strength of winding (Self-Bonding CTC)
Code Type of enamel Thermal Classification Application
PVA Polyvinyl Acetal 120°C Oil-filled
PE (Modified) Polyester 155°C to 180°C Dry type (Gas)
PEI Polyester Imide 180°C Dry type (Gas)
(Modified) Polyester or
Polyester Imide overcoated with Polyamide Imide
180°C to 200°C Transformers
PAI or AIW Polyamide Imide 180°C to 200°C Dry type (Gas)
PVA (PVF) is over-coated with bondable epoxy on request of customer.
B-Stage epoxy is used on requirement from customer.
Increase of enamel & epoxy covering is adjusted as required by customer.
Grade of enamel coating
Grade Increase in Dimension
Grade1 0.08 to 0.12 mm
Grade2 0.12 to 0.16 mm
Any range of increase by coating up to 0.2 mm can be provided if needed.
Type of insulation for CTC
» Normal Kraft Paper
» Thermally upgraded Kraft paper
» Thermally upgraded Micro crepe paper (22 HCC Dennison and 42 HCF Cindus)
» Nomex
» Polyester Net Tape
» Polyester Cord
Other type of insulation can be provided on request
Number of strands : 5 to 95 (CPL - 5 to 95, KCI - 5 to 47)
Width of strands : 3 mm to 12.00 mm
Thickness of strands : 1.2 mm to 3.00 mm
With to thickness ratio : 6:1 max / 2:1 min.
Max height of CTC stack : 90 mm
Max width of CTC stack : 25 mm


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