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Glass/Mica/Kapton Covered Conductors
Glass Covered Conductor, Mica Polyester Copper Conductors, Kapton Polyimide Covered Conductor, Manufacturer
Type of conductor Bare / Enameled copper
Grade of enamel covering Customer specified
Type of enamel PE & PEI
Type of Glass covering Single and Double
Dimension of Glass covering as per Tec 60317-0-4 And 60317-33
Note : Glass covering as per customer's request may also be done.

Mica Covered Conductors

Type of Copper Soft Coppe
Construction/Design 1. Polyester backed Mica tape with or without bond coat
2. Polyester + Polyester backed Mica Tape
Polyester tape in contact with copper Conductor
* Number of tape and increase in dimension due to tape covering are as per customer’s request.

Kapton Polyimide Covered Conductor

Type of Conductor Soft Copper
Type of KaptonTape FN grade of Du Pont with one side coated with FEP film
Thickness of Polyimide Film 1 mic
Thickness of FEP film ½ mic
Thickness of Kapton film other than 1mic may also be used per customer's request.
Type of Lapping - Single or Double layer with 50% or 60% overlapped as per customer requirement.


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