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Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC)
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OFHC is produced by the convesion of LME Grade A (Purity 99.99%) refined Copper cathodes by the process of melting & casting under strictly controlled conditions producing product with oxygen contents of less than 10 ppm (ASTM Standard). By managing the process parameters, it is possible to keep the oxygen content to less than 5 ppm for usage in specific applications like Vacuum Interrupters.

OFHC rods have higher electrical and thermal conductivity, higher recrystallization temperature and higher workability than standard grades of copper. Due to the lack of surface oxides, there is no dust generation during processing OFHC rod and such rod is ideal for use in applications such as CTC and enameled conductors where a dust-free conductor surface is critical.
The application of OFHC is widely spread over electrical & electronic equipment which requires highly efficient, accurate and durable material.
Advantages of OFHC Copper Rod.
» Elimination of dust from copper oxides.
» Excellent electrical & thermal conductivity
» Good workability
» Excellent long term resistance to hydrogen embrittlement under high hydrogen atmospheres
» Indispensable material in the electrical and electronic industries
» High heat resistance and impact strength
» High Creep resistance
CPL produces OFHC wire rod from 8mm to 25mm in diameter.
Standard coil sizes range from 2 Metric tons to 3 Metric tons. Various alloyed copper wire rod like Silver bearing copper can also be supplied as per customer's requirement.


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